Illustration: highrise buidlings and chart arrows superimposed on a global map.

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*NEW* Global Middle Class Consumption Study

Line chart showing the federal fund rate from 0.25% in June 2015 to 2.5% in June 2019 and 2% forecast in December 2020.
Line chart showing June 2017-2019 year-over-year percent change in U.S. retail sales excluding autos at 3.3%.
Bar chart of real GDP (SA,CAGR & YoY & change):2.2% in 3/18 to 1.8% forecast in 12/20 with line overlay 2.6% in 3/18, to 1.1% in 3/20 & 2.3% in 12/20.
Consumer confidence index line graph showing May 2017-2019 values, with current data point at 134.1.
Bar chart displaying real gross domestic product as a year-over-year percent change from 2018 to 2019.
Line chart showing the April 2017-April 2019 percent change in U.S. retail sales excluding autos at 3.3%.
Man standing in front of take out counter.
Combined line and bar charts  showing seasonally adjusted compound annual growth rates from 2010 through 2019 for real final sales to domestic purchasers vs the year over year percent change.
Line chart showing the year-over-year percent change in the consumer price index at 1.9%.
Line chart showing services, durable goods and non-durable goods spending from 2015-2018.
Michael Brown, Principal U.S. Economist.
Woman standing in front of bakery display.
Christmas gifts packed in craft paper with a decoration made of fir branches, dried orange and berries.
hikers on their way hiking
moody analytics
Closeup of a rolling pin and Christmas themed cookie cutters on a wooden cutting board.
Illustration: highrise buidlings and chart arrows superimposed on a global map.
U.S. map showing jewelry sales by state.
Graph showing U.S. spending of age groups from 35 to 69.
affluent consumer spending
Bar graph showing compound annual growth of real GDP from 1.8% in March 2017 to 3.2% in March 2019.
Unloading a shipping container at a ship yard.
chief economist newsletter tax form
Global economy growth in advanced and emerging countries from 2012 t0 2017.
Graph showing forecast of home price vs. household income as of October 2017.
U.S. map of building, hardware and garden spending.
Population projection graph showing age 1-80 from 1950 to 2050.
U.S. consumer spending graph
U.S. housing growth
real G.D.P. March 2017
Wide shot of coastal beach in Turkey.
asian travellers
Man skiing in the Swiss Alps.
Ski Destination Japan
Graph of China's share of total skiers
Overlook of a village in the mountains covered with snow.
Lee Sang-Hwa, Team Visa speed skater
Big group of people standing near a geyser.
U.S. national park canyon.
View of lake, trees and mountain.
Currency impact graph
View of beach, city and mountains.
Graph showing 32,14,8,4,3,1 GBP sales.
Chart forecast of seniors having a growing impact on travel and tourism.
British pound, Japanese Yen, Dollar and Euro symbols.
Graph of global travel projections through the year 2025 for travelers from 50 key markets.
Visa Chief Economist Wayne Best discusses the findings of Visa's global middle class consumption study.
Digital payments grow in India graph
Graph showing developing electronic payment markets and India digital payments tracker.
October 2016 graph showing expanding electronic payment market trend in India.
Housing price growth from Q1 2013 to Q1 2016 in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.
global impact of electronic payments

global electronic payments

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