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Visa’s Spending Momentum Index is a new way to gauge the health of consumer spending—and overall participation by consumers in driving economic trends. Visa now offers the index in multiple countries and is continuing to expand into new markets, providing a more comprehensive view of global spending momentum.

How Visa’s SMI is different

The Spending Momentum Index (SMI) leverages the power of the Visa network to fill an important gap in tracking and monitoring the overall momentum of cyclical upturns and downturns in consumer spending.

Based on current, depersonalized transaction data from a sample of Visa-branded credit and debit credentials, the SMI represents actual aggregate spending behavior by millions of consumers. This key advantage gives the SMI a timely, customizable view into consumer spending trends.


Client solutions

In addition to the national public SMI, sub-indexes are available to Visa clients on a subscription basis in four key areas: consumer location, card segment, spending sectors, and customized to the client’s portfolio.

Depending on how the SMI is used by the client, the index can help to inform acquisition, usage and retention initiatives. It can also be an early indicator of local and national changes in worker incomes and jobs, allowing for timely and comprehensive risk management. Additional industry benchmarking is available that can give clients a deeper understanding of payment and economic trends.

In this video, global economist Dulguun Batbold introduces Visa’s Spending Momentum Index as a guide to navigate business through economic cycles. He explains how SMI can provide an advance warning of emerging economic weakness at both the national and local levels, helping businesses plan ahead, adjust acquisition plans, reallocate marketing budgets or refocus areas for more risk monitoring.

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