Investing in our workforce

The talent, diversity and dedication of our employees support Visa’s work toward our mission to connect the world to enable businesses, economies and individuals to thrive. At Visa, we celebrate our employees’ unique life experiences, talents, passions and the contributions they can make to drive innovation in the payments technology industry.

For annual programmatic and progress updates please see our latest Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report.

Inclusion and diversity

At Visa, we foster an inclusive workplace to encourage diversity of thought, culture and background. We seek to enable employees to bring their whole selves to work, creating an environment where diverse perspectives are voiced and heard. Through investments in inclusion and diversity training and a dedication to building a diverse talent pipeline, Visa promotes the growth and development of all employees.

Visa’s approach to inclusion and diversity involves four key strategic pillars:

Standing for global acceptance, Visa has made social justice and racial equality a business imperative. In 2020, we committed to increasing inclusivity through actions focused on our people, our community and our company.

Goals we set to build a more equitable workforce at Visa include:

  • Increasing the number of individuals from historically underrepresented groups at the vice president level and above in the U.S. by 50% by 2023.
  • Increasing the number of historically under-represented Visa colleagues in the U.S. by 50% by 2025.

For details, please see the letter sent to all employees from Visa’s Chairman and CEO.

Visa tracks, measures and evaluates our workforce representation and impact as part of our strategic business imperative to build a diverse and inclusive organization.

We are committed to reporting our workforce demographics annually. We are committed to pay equity: men and women earn the same pay for the same work globally, and the same is true for underrepresented minorities and their white peers in the U.S.

For additional details, please see our Inclusion and Diversity page.

Employee learning and development

Learning and development are critical components of Visa’s commitment to investing in our employees. Visa focuses on developing our current and future workforces through educational programs in areas such as payments, technology, professional development, inclusion and diversity and leadership.  We encourage our employees’ development through a variety of mechanisms, including on-the-job training with managers, mentors and peers, classroom learning and self-directed learning. 

Visa’s core learning initiatives include:

  • Visa University: A team of learning and development professionals, physical campuses in California and Singapore and a global digital campus that all work to equip our employees with the appropriate knowledge and skills to shape the future of commerce. Visa University is recognized as one of the top corporate universities globally.
  • Visa Learning Hub: A scalable digital platform bringing together thousands of resources, including mandatory and voluntary materials and anytime, anywhere learning experiences.
  • Visa Learning Festivals: Annual global events that emphasize the importance of continuous learning and drive the learning culture at Visa. The events bring employees together to learn, be inspired and network globally with peers and industry experts.
  • Educational Assistance: Visa also provides employees with additional development opportunities through our educational assistance program.
  • Partnerships: Collaboration with leading academic institutions to co-create bespoke learning solutions in payments, as well as professional and executive development for employees and business ecosystem partners.


Employee engagement

At Visa, we believe building an actively engaged workforce is good for our employees and our business.

We conduct regular pulse surveys to assess experiences related to employee engagement, satisfaction and wellbeing. The results help Visa people leaders gain insight into the most important drivers and current state of engagement across our workforce. We also have several employee recognition programs, including activities that enable our employees and people managers to appreciate their colleagues. We complement these programs with ongoing engagement activities that reach our employees throughout the year, such as through quarterly all-staff meetings, live events in offices, content on Visa’s intranet, digital signage and others.

We believe everyone at Visa is a leader, and how our leaders achieve results is as important as the results themselves. Employees’ performance assessments not only take into account their progress against goals, but also their results in the context of Visa Leadership Principles.  Visa expects employees and managers to engage in regular check-in conversations for ongoing feedback and career development, with specific guidance for mid-year and year-end performance discussions.

Employee benefits and well-being

Our employees are one of our most important assets, and we structure our compensation and benefit offerings to support our workforce. We continue to add to and evolve our programs to meet our employees’ needs, providing comprehensive health and wellbeing, financial and quality-of-life programs and coverage.

Our benefits vary by location and may include:

  • Health: Visa focuses on supporting employee health with a variety of resources, including mental health and wellbeing, an online wellness portal, onsite and virtual fitness centers, group exercise classes, gym membership discounts, seminars on healthy lifestyle topics, ergonomic consultations and free annual flu immunizations.
  • Financial: Visa provides various forms of financial payments, benefits and services to our employees, including bonuses, retirement programs, such as a 401(K) program for U.S. employees, and our employee stock purchase plan (ESPP).
  • Life: We offer programs to support our employees in the moments that matter, including through flexible work arrangements, family emergency leave, backup child and elder care, wellbeing time and new parent support.

For more information about benefits in the U.S, please visit Visa’s BenefitSource website. Outside the U.S., benefits vary by jurisdiction.

Employee safety

Visa also contributes to the safety of Visa’s employees, contingent workers and facilities through established health and safety practices. Visa’s Global Security and Safety (GSS) team maintains a global Safety, Health and Environmental policy and provides trainings to executives and key employees on several aspects of the policy.

Visa also assesses and manages risks to provide security, emergency response and safety management in support of our employees around the globe, including by monitoring:

  • Emerging security threats such as natural disasters, civil unrest and terrorist attacks identified through security, government and media sources
  • Personnel on business travel and employees who are working outside their home countries
  • Company assets, including facilities and strategic third-party sites

See our latest progress

For annual programmatic and progress updates, please see our CRS Resources page for our latest CRS Report.