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Voice is the connected commerce game-changer (and other payment insights)

Graph showing the increase in usage of voice assistants in the categories of watching tv, buying groceries, house cleaning, having dinner and shopping.


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A 2019 study from, in collaboration with Visa, finds more consumers embracing voice-activated devices and shopping in general from the comfort of their homes. Today, nearly one-third of all U.S. consumers own a voice-activated device, just four years after they hit the market. (Starbucks, the most popular payment app in the U.S., took six years to achieve the same level of usage[1]).

The convenience of being able to check off shopping to-dos while eating breakfast, watching TV or taking care of the kids makes voice-activated commerce an appealing choice for today’s busy consumers. Connected devices are also making the idea of “going shopping” at a store more optional than ever.

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[1] Molla, R. Starbuck’s mobile payments system is so popular is the U.S., it has more users than Apple’s or Google’s. Vox. 2019.

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