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  • Visa celebrates Black History Month, starting with a story from below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean

    February, 50 2019, 10:31 Eastern Time

    Black History Month is a time to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the African American community. At Visa, universal acceptance for everyone, everywhere is more than just a brand promise, it’s part of the culture. That's why team members and managers continually strive to foster inclusion in the workplace and support diversity of thought, culture, and lifestyle.

    To highlight these values in action, we chatted with a few Visa employees to find out what inclusion means to them in 2019. Here…

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  • Where are tomorrow’s customers? How the middle class is spurring development

    February, 46 2019, 4:10 Eastern Time

    Global digital platforms and social media have made the world smaller, to the point where consumers from Cairo to Rio follow the same food, fashion and entertainment news and trends at viral speed. This wave of globalization marks a rapid shift in how consumers spend, especially those entering the ranks of the middle class in developing countries. This transformation is the focus of a new study that includes the Visa Globalization Index, a measure globalization levels among cities around the world,…

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  • Chip technology helped reduce counterfeit fraud by 80 percent

    February, 45 2019, 8:19 Eastern Time

    Visa set the path for the U.S. payments industry to begin the shift to EMV® (which stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa) chip cards in 2011. One of the leading factors of encouraging the adoption of chip technology in 2015 was its effectiveness in reducing counterfeit fraud, which was the primary type of fraud in the United States at the time. Since the EMV shift, the adoption of chip technology has reduced card present (CP) counterfeit payment fraud by 80 percent at chip-enabled merchants.


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  • Visa to help tackle workforce skills gap

    February, 44 2019, 3:56 Eastern Time

    In the 21st century digital economy, it has never been more important for the private sector and public institutions to work together to prepare our workforce to fill in-demand jobs. Increasingly, the skills job seekers possess do not match the experience required for specialized jobs that are available. According to the Brookings Institution, a Washington D.C. research group, nearly two-thirds of the 13 million jobs created in the U.S. from 2010-2017 required medium or advanced levels of digital…

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  • How to make money talk “fashionable” for women

    February, 42 2019, 9:25 Eastern Time

    Money remains a taboo topic, according to a Money is Changing survey commissioned by Visa and Lieberman Research Worldwide, simply because women are uncomfortable talking about it. They are more likely than men to feel financially stressed and are less confident and more uncomfortable about discussing money in the workplace, at home, with friends and in relationships.

    Visa is working to shift the conversation with a series of finance-focused events at New York Fashion Week this week, where Visa is…

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