Responding to a growing challenge

As digital commerce has become more ubiquitous and seamless, both friendly fraud and first-party misuse have rapidly increased—causing significant financial impact.

24 %

of surveyed cardholders report filing a dispute (in the past 12 months)¹

18 %

of fraudulent disputes are friendly fraud, according to surveyed merchants²

70 %

of disputes are determined to actually be fraudulent (2022)³

Solutions that are timely and targeted

From near real-time purchase alerts to dispute case closure, Visa’s Post-Purchase Solutions help manage and mitigate disputes when and where they happen. And allow digital commerce to thrive for businesses and consumers alike.

A comprehensive approach, for the benefit of all

Through standardized data sharing, streamlined processes and greater automation, we empower the payment ecosystem.


Empower cardholders with greater transaction details and help ensure legitimate disputes are efficiently managed.

Issuer Service Providers (ISP)

Deliver the tools your clients need to boost cardholder satisfaction.

Merchant Service Providers (MSP)

Simplify fraud reduction for merchants with superior risk decisioning data and streamlined dispute management


Retain sales by providing detailed purchase data, and create rules to quickly refund legitimate disputes.

News and resources

See all the ways Visa is enhancing dispute management and advancing digital commerce.