Visa Government Solutions

Supporting governments around the world to transform their work and impact through digital payment solutions.

Disbursements and payouts

Deliver disbursements quickly and securely to those who need it most.


Public finance effectiveness

Streamline public spending and procurement processes with purchase, accounting, and compliance solutions.


Revenue collection

Provide more convenient and secure ways for people and businesses to pay for taxes, public services, and transit.


Policy input and measurement

Gain insights from card spending data to help inform and shape public sector strategies and decision-making.


Our impact around the world 

Digitizing public sector payments

Streamline purchases with the Visa Government Purchase Card

Reduce time and cost for government employee payments.

Track employee travel spend with the Visa Government Travel Card

Manage and monitor travel-related expenses.


Governments are building the future of public disbursements with digital payments, to create more effective, responsive, and inclusive programs with lower costs.

Public finance effectiveness

Governments are streamlining and automating public procurement and expenses with digital payments, to increase transparency, reduce costs, and expand access.

Revenue collection

Governments are transforming the consumer experience of making payments to the government, using digital payments and human-centered design to enhance revenue collection.

Policy input and measurement

Governments are using spending insights from digital payments data to more effectively inform policy, monitor trends, and optimize programs and spending.

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