Visa Global Spending Momentum Index

Visa’s Spending Momentum Index (SMI) is a new way to gauge the health of consumer spending—and overall participation by consumers in driving economic trends. Visa now offers the index in multiple countries and is continuing to expand into new markets, providing a more comprehensive view of global spending momentum.

Leverage Visa’s economic indicator based on actual depersonalized and aggregated consumer spending behavior to understand changes in spend momentum impacting your business.

Most of Canada, the United Kingdom and Italy have stronger consumer spending momentum with an SMI reading in expansion territory above the 100 mark. Areas such as most of the United States, the western part of Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and Australia have weaker consumer spending momentum, with an SMI reading in contraction below the 100 mark.

A text box extends from Italy and says: “Booming economy and population growth in cities like Milan, which has become a popular destination for professionals leaving London, is supporting a strong spending momentum in northern regions of Italy.”

A text box extends from Australia and says: “Worst recorded floods in Australia’s history held down consumer spending momentum in 2022, particularly in southeastern states where flooding intensified in the fourth quarter.”