Decemeber 2018 Visa Chip Card Update. EMV® chip cards and chip-activated merchants combat counterfeit fraud in the U.S.
Counterfeit fraud dollars dropped 80% in September 2018 compared to September 2015. Counterfeit fraud dollars for all U.S. merchants declined 48%.
Over 3.1 million merchant locations are now accepting chip cards, an increase from 392,000 in September 2015.
Number of Visa chip cards in the U.S. up from 159 million in September 2015 to 511.1 million in December 2018.
Chip transactions continue to increase in the U.S. 98% of overall U.S. payment volume in December was on EMV cards.
U.S. card figures are estimates based on the number of active cards per VisaNet data and operating certificates provided to Visa by client financial institutions.
Chip card is used in-store at a chip-activated terminal.
Woman paying at chip-activated terminal using chip card in a cafeteria.
Network operations center (NOC) technicians monitoring critical network elements and engaging in proactive network systems monitoring.