visa emv chip card update for june 2018
counterfeit fraud dollars dropped 75 percent in March 2018 compared to September 2015
over 3 point 1 Million merchant locations accepting chip cards and 392 thousand locations in sept 2015 to an increase of 3 point 1 Million locations in June 2018 which is a 680 percent increase from the beginning and 67 percent of U.S. storefronts now accepting chip cards
the number of visa chip cards in U.S. increased from 159 million in september 2015 to 499.7 million in june 2018
chip transactions continue to rise in the U.S. by 97 percent of overall U.S. payment volume
U.S. card figures are estimates based on the number of active cards per VisaNet data and operating certificates provided to Visa by client financial institutions... See describedby for more info.
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