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Black History Month Focus: Passion, respect and integrity define success

Visa's Zonda Rivers and Alanna Rutherford share thoughts

Black History Month Focus: Meet Zonda Rivers


As a Risk Assessment Analyst in our Client Services organization, Zonda Rivers supports clients in dispute processing and audit compliance – navigating detailed rules and regulations. 

“I also have a strong passion for being respectful to others, and treating them in a manner that goads encouragement and empathy. It’s empowering to work in an environment built on high integrity, accountability, and acceptance," she says.

Black History Month is a time to build a bridge of inclusivity and topple the walls of discrimination. It is the opportunity to open the hearts and minds to the wonders of being Black in America. We are able to show that we can endure, endeavor, and better - empower!”




A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. As Vice President of Global Litigation & Competition, Alanna Rutherford helps Visa responsibly navigate an ever-changing payments landscape.

Reflecting on Black History Month, Alanna sees this as “a beginning – an acknowledgement that black history happens every day by recognizing all whom and all that has come before."

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