Visa and SiriusXM drive the future of commuting

From buying coffee to eCommerce delivery, life could soon be easier for millions of drivers

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Every day in North America, 135 million U.S. commuters spend about 50 minutes driving. They also spend money—around $212 billion annually on food, gas, tolls and even shopping online. How can these everyday activities be made safer and faster?

That’s the idea between Visa’s latest team-up with SiriusXM. An e-wallet integrated into the dashboard in collaboration with Visa will allow drivers and passengers to make purchases for everyday tasks on-the-go.

This and other new in-car experiences could be just around the corner, given SiriusXM is uniquely positioned to leverage their already established satellite and connected vehicle connections within the vehicle across multiple OEM brands (the satellite radio has close to an 80% penetration rate of vehicles sold in North America).

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