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A digital forest is restored, one tap and donation at a time

A digital experience at the COP24 climate conference shows the impact of climate change and of donations to reverse its effects

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Can illustrating the effects of climate change inspire action to reverse them?

At this month’s COP24 climate change conference in Katowice, Poland, Visa and UN Climate Change—a UN entity devoted to addressing the issue—collaborated to present an innovative way to raise money for the restoration of delicate ecosystems. Together, the two organizations showcased a new digital platform that brings ecosystem degradation and revitalization to life. Experience the installation here:

The activation consists of a large video screen depicting a tropical ecosystem in a lush and peaceful state, complete with animals moving through the environment. As time passes, the ecosystem degrades; animals become more scarce, trees fall and water dries up, leaving a desolate and sandy environment. If left alone, the ecosystem continues to slowly deteriorate. The viewer is encouraged to use a contactless card to tap and make a donation, which begins to rejuvenate the ecosystem. New growth and water reappear, and animals emerge once more.

For each tap, Visa is donating €3 to the Adaptation Fund, which finances projects and programs that help vulnerable, developing countries build resilience and adapt to climate change. In many of these areas, climate change has already contributed to worsening food security, reduced predictable availability of fresh water, and the spread of disease and other threats to human health. 

The installation is intended to demonstrate the power of narrative to spur individuals to take action and make a donation, which has all the more impact when it’s collective. Visa hopes that by pairing inspiring experiences with technology that enables contactless donations, the company can help unlock the power of the public to support critical causes.

Learn more about Visa’s sustainability initiatives.

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