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Teaming up to tackle financial literacy

NFL stars kick off new, improved Financial Football game


When was the last time you had an unexpected expense of $400—perhaps an unforeseen car repair or medical bill?

It happens, but many of us aren’t prepared for it. According to Federal Reserve research, 40 percent of adults said they couldn't pay a $400 unexpected expense, or would need to sell something or borrow to do so.

Visa is dedicated to supporting financial literacy by sharing information that helps individuals spend, save and budget responsibly. This week Visa launched a new, improved Financial Football video game—a free experience challenging people to answer finance-related questions to advance their team towards a touchdown.

NFL stars Eli Manning and Saquon Barkley kicked things off in a special event in New York City, joined by 100 high school students. The two players coached the kids through the game and led drills focused on financial education. The new video game is free and geared to ages 11 and up. Play the game yourself.

Learn more about the event and Visa’s commitment to financial literacy.

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