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Bath is latest travel destination to benefit from popular TV show.
Recovery in inbound travel to the U.K.. See image description for details.
Line chart showing the comparative recovery in inbound travel to the U.K. by city. In Edinburgh, inbound travel ranged from 0.4% in Q2-2020 to 9.1% in Q3-2020, 4.3% in Q4-2020, 2.5% in Q1-2021, and 4.0% in Q2-2021. In Glasgow, travel ranged from 0.8% in Q2-2020 to 8.5% in Q3-2020, 5.6% in Q4-2020, 3.2% in Q1-2021, and 5.1% in Q2-2021. In London, travel ranged from 2.9% in Q2-2020 to 10.0% in Q3-2020, 7.5% in Q4-2020, 4.5% in Q1-2021, and 8.1% in Q2-2021. In Manchester, travel ranged from 1.4% in Q2-2020 to 13.9% in Q3-2020, 8.6% in Q4-2020, 6.3% in Q1-2021, and 8.6% in Q2-2021. In Bath, travel ranged from 1.9% in Q2-2020 to 10.6% in Q3-2020, 9.5% in Q4-2020, 8.3% in Q1-2021, and 9.0% in Q2-2021.

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