• Visa Research

    Visa Research conducts applied research on the most challenging problems in the payment industry and provides technical thought leadership to guide the company's future.

Portrait of Sunpreet Arora.
Visa Researcher Saikrishna Badrinarayanan.
Headshot image of Visa research scientist Mangesh Bendre.
Yilei Chen, Research Scientist.
Javid Ebrahimi, Visa Research Team.
Portrait of Dhruv Gelda.
Mengting Gu, Visa Staff Research Scientist.
Portrait of Shubham Jain.
Portrait of Ranjit Kumaresan
Yusan Lin, Visa Research Team
Daniel Masny portrait.
Portrait of Sebastian Meiser.
Visa researcher Srinivasan Raghuraman.
Peter Rindal, Research Scientist.
Malileh Shirvanian, System Security.
Kim Wagner, Visa Research Team
Headshot of Visa researcher Fei Wang.
Junpeng Wang, Visa Research Team
Ke Wang, Visa Research Scientist
Visa Researcher Lan Wang.
Liang Wang, Visa Principal Researcher.
Portrait of Yizhen Wang.
Gaven Watson, Visa Research Team
Yanhong Wu, Visa Research Scientist.
Yuhang Wu, Visa Research Team
Michael Yeh, Visa Research Scientist
Zhongfang Zhuang, Visa Research Team

University building.
Group of three interns.
Article being written with a pencil.

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