About the program

Reducing economic disparity can start at the local level. And Visa MDI Accelerate is focused on doing exactly that. By providing MDIs with depository funds, insights and solutions, we can help play an important role in increasing opportunity for more communities across the country.


Visa will invest up to $100 million via deposits with MDIs to help catalyze increased lending among these banks.


Visa will help provide MDIs with access to unique tools and data, including Visa’s Spending Momentum Index (SMI) and by supporting the National Bankers Community Alliance’s digital impact measurement platform.


Visa will provide solutions designed for small businesses and families via Authorize.net and Visa’s digital learning platforms.

A $100 million commitment to expanding access

The economic mobility of communities of color is essential to creating a more equitable world. That’s why we’re scaling up our support of minority-owned banks and credit unions today as well as into the future.

Visa is proud to support the mission of MDIs across the US

“Creating more equitable wealth distribution requires more inclusive opportunities for MDIs to uplift the communities they serve... This multi-faceted program will enhance the lending capacity of MDIs as well as empowering minority-owned and -operated banks to better serve their customers and communities."

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Nicole Elam Esq., President, National Bankers Assoc., Exec. Director, National Bankers Association Foundation


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