Best Practices

Visa is committed to thought leadership in global commercial payments and to bringing you information about the latest best practices and emerging trends. Our Best Practice Studies and Practical Guides offer actionable insights and recommendations that can help you improve your company's performance and bottom line.

Best Practice Studies

Visa commissioned Deloitte Consulting to conduct the 2008 Global Procure-to-Pay and Commercial Card Best Practices Study.* Deloitte conducted in-depth interviews with 60 global/multinational, mid-size and large corporations, as well as federal and local governmental agencies. The result: 63 best practices that can help your company identify performance gaps and undertake practical steps to improve.

Key findings include:
  1. Align with corporate goals. Integrate commercial card program objectives into enterprise-wide performance improvement initiatives.
  2. Secure buy-in at the highest levels. Gain ongoing support from senior management and key stakeholders to ensure companywide credibility.
  3. Make Procure-to-Pay a center of excellence. Establish center-led management of the Procure-to-Pay process and commercial card program to align goals, improve cross-functional communication and drive process standardization.
  4. Automate from start to finish. Implement an end-to-end automation strategy for every step in the Procure-to-Pay process to improve efficiency, enhance spend visibility and optimize internal resources.
  5. Design program parameters. Establish a management framework for your commercial card program to address cardholder needs while maintaining a high level of compliance and control.

For all key findings and emerging trends, download the 2008 Global Best Practices Executive Summary on this page. For the full 2008 Best Practices Study, contact your commercial banker.

Practical Guides

Visa's suite of Practical Guides offers detailed information on subjects like control and compliance card program integration into enterprise systems, and global program implementation. Based on company interviews, Practical Guides provide useful information to help you optimize your processes.

To obtain relevant Best Practices and Practical Guides, contact your commercial banker or email

* The objective of the 2008 Visa Procure-to-Pay and Commercial Card Best Practices Study was to better understand the changes in the segment and to gain a comprehensive understanding of best practices across the Procure-to-Pay process and within the commercial card program. Visa commissioned Deloitte Consulting to conduct 90 in-depth interviews in the summer of 2007 with more than 60 global/multinational, mid-size and large corporations as well as federal and local government agencies across the world. The evaluation of the Procure-to-Pay process included sourcing, order placement, payment and settlement, reconciliation, control and audit, and reporting activities. For the commercial card management process, the assessment focused on practices related to the purchasing and corporate card program strategy, management, and reporting. Interviewees included Regional Controllers, Chief Procurement Officers, Directors of Strategic Sourcing, Procurement Managers, Accounts Payable Managers, Global/Regional/Local Commercial Card Program Managers and Travel Managers. Study participants had a range of commercial card programs in place including purchasing card, corporate card and commercial “one” card programs with each of the top three card providers: Visa, MasterCard and/or American Express.