Medical Insurance Provider

Medical Insurance Provider

Visa Commercial card program—exceeding expectations of mid-size companies

Visa contracted Deloitte & Touche to conduct a review of companies with revenues between $25 million and $500 million who had recently implemented the Visa Commercial card program. Let's take a closer look at how Visa partners with mid-size companies to help ensure their success.

Client profile and card use approach

This company offers insurance to medical practitioners. Member doctors own the business, and surplus funds are distributed each year. Use of the Visa Commercial card is focused on making travel easier for employees. The card is also used for limited purchasing needs, as each department has a designated purchasing employee with an assigned commercial card.

Client program goals

This insurance provider selected the Visa Commercial card program:

  • To increase spending controls
  • To develop better leverage for vendor negotiations
  • To streamline and improve purchase-to-pay processes
  • To implement an online application for management of commercial card spending

Value received

This client previously had a purchasing card program and implemented the Visa Commercial card program because of its forward-thinking approach to management of spend. They've experienced satisfaction with the additional benefits of the commercial card program and the value experienced through implementation of the online reporting and administration functionality:

  • Transaction costs have been reduced through:
    • Reduction in number of checks to vendors
    • ACH payment of a single bill to the card Issuer
    • Use of department commercial cards
  • Implementation of online features has resulted in:
    • Streamlined processes through download of spend data for upload to financial software
    • Reduction in reconciliation time
    • Ability for employees to review individual account spending
    • Ability of finance to review account spending levels and adjust credit limits online
  • Improvements in vendor negotiation through use of online reporting functionality:
    • Analysis of spend is used to reduce number of vendors on preferred vendor lists
    • Spend data is used to negotiate better rates with vendors
  • Spending controls have been increased through:
    • Audit of expenses for use of preferred vendors and negotiated rates
    • Spend tracking through individual account statements and online reporting, including date, location, cost, etc. for each transaction

Company Statistics

Revenue: $87 Million
Average Spend on Cards per month: $16,344
Monthly Credit Limit: $77,500
Card Restrictions Used: Account Credit Limits, No Cash Access on Card
Employees: 140
Number of Commercial Card Accounts: 43
Billing Options: Central Bill, Individual Statements
Payment Options: Central Pay via Automated Clearing House (ACH)


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