At Visa, we've been helping businesses like yours streamline processes, and, as a result, accomplish financial goals. Mid-size companies have come to rely on Visa as more than just a payment solutions provider; they rely on us to serve as an integral partner in their financial management.

In order to continue to offer mid-size companies optimum service and value, Visa contracted Deloitte & Touche to conduct a review of client companies with revenues between $25 million and $500 million—companies who had recently implemented the Visa Commercial card program.

Key Findings

Through this in-depth study, Deloitte identified these shared experiences and goals among the companies surveyed:

  • Satisfaction with merchant acceptance
    All of the companies found that most, if not all, of their vendors accepted Visa Commercial cards. In fact, some found it much easier to use the Visa program, since they did not have to establish an account with the vendor or issue a purchase order before making a purchase.
  • Desire to control costs and manage expenses
    Most of the companies said that they had experienced cost reduction in the form of eliminating cash advances, reducing paperwork for expense reimbursement, and accelerating reconciliation process because of the convenient single statement feature.
  • Affinity for web-based reporting
    Companies enjoyed cost and time savings through the use of practical, web-based tools.
  • Desire to minimize administration and data management
    Due to time and personnel restraints, the companies were seeking financial services that were easy, user-friendly, and that required minimum administration.
  • Overall satisfaction with the Visa Commercial card program
    Deloitte found that the companies' expectations were predominantly met; all of the participants were satisfied with the product on many levels, including:
    • Better spending control
    • User convenience
    • Reduction in cash advances and petty cash needs
    • Reduced paperwork
    • Transaction savings
    • Reduction in administrative work

View or download these case study details for the real-life mid-size companies shown below for a closer look at how the Visa Commercial card can mean streamlined operations and cost savings for businesses like yours.

Regional Distributor of Flooring Products

Reduced administrative requirements increase efficiency
"Once the card was in place, we experienced efficiency gains in processes that were not expected."
- Company President

Case Study Details | Download Case Study (PDF, 133k)

Medical Insurance Provider

Implementation of online features results in streamlined processes
"Our main objectives with the Commercial Card program were to have better internal controls, streamline the process, and have data available to conduct better vendor negotiations."
- Accounting Manager

Case Study Details | Download Case Study (PDF, 132k)

Sheet Metal Fabrication and Sales

Cash on hand requirements slashed
"Since implementation, we do not have to get hundreds of dollars in cash, usually in the spare of the moment. It has made life easier."
- Office Manager

Case Study Details | Download Case Study (PDF, 133k)


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