Find a Visa commercial solution that is right for you

Commercial products

Visa's flexible payment solutions are designed to meet a broad range of needs. From payables to travel, fleet, single-use, virtual and plastic, you can design a program that works for you.

large organization purchasing card

Purchasing card

Streamline payables and payment processes and improve spending controls.

large organization corporate card


Manage and control travel and entertainment expenses.

large organization meetings card

Meeting card

Simplify the process to purchase, pay, reconcile and report on meetings and events expenditures.

small business line of credit

Commercial card

Gain the flexibility of procurement, T&E, and fleet management (or any combination of the three) on a single platform.

large organization fleet card

Fleet card

Pay, monitor, and manage your company's fleet-related expenses.

large organization payroll card

Payroll card

Help reduce check expenses and inefficiencies by depositing an employee's net pay directly into a Visa Payroll card account.

large organization incentive card

Incentive card

An innovative, cost-efficient way to reward behavior, drive revenue, and build brand value.

large organization healthcare card

Healthcare card

Increase employee participation and satisfaction in healthcare programs while reducing administrative expenses.

large organization insurance card

Insurance claims card

Increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and deliver better customer service.