The better the rebate, the better the results. And with so many consumers enjoying the freedom of Visa rebate cards over merchant-specific cards or checks, it's no wonder that incentive cards are gaining popularity over traditional rebates.

Visa Incentive cards are an economical, flexible, and easy-to-administer alternative to traditional rebate check programs. More and more companies are using them to replace time-consuming, paper-based rebate checks and improve program efficiency and distribution. And because Visa Incentive cards can be customized with logos and images, many companies also benefit from the added advantage of promoting their brand long after the sale with every rebate.

Need to upgrade your rebate program? The Visa Incentive card is ready when you are.

Revolutionize your rebates.

Use Visa Incentive cards for Rebates

  • Manufacturer rebates
  • Retailer rebates
  • Mail-in rebates
  • Instant rebates

Get more measurable benefits

  • Motivates purchases and drives sales
  • Streamlined distribution lowers related costs
  • Custom-designed cards build brand awareness with each use
  • Faster to execute than traditional incentive solutions
  • Offers choice and value to demanding consumers
  • Enables clear messaging to support your marketing goals
  • Allows direct spend to specific merchant category codes — such as gas merchants or the retailer providing the rebate — for maximum program control
  • Imprint the cardholder's name for an impressive personalized touch
  • Select non-personalized cards for instant issuance when faster results count

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