Employee Rewards

For instant gratification, paper checks can't compete with Visa Incentive cards. These exciting reward cards are immediate, valuable, and personal. And unlike a selection of merchandise an employee did not choose, Visa Incentive cards let people get exactly what they want. They can even reduce the costs of your incentive program and streamline its administration making it easier for you to give employees the recognition they deserve.

When used by Human Resources, Visa Incentive cards foster employee loyalty, commitment, and satisfaction. Employees appreciate being able to purchase items they truly desire. And unique card designs and branding provide "trophy" and "halo" value and prestige among coworkers. They're also a scalable solution for diverse types of employee reward programs, from milestone rewards to morale initiatives.

Visa Incentive cards take the guesswork out of sales and marketing incentives too. Use the cards to recognize service, pay out bonuses, reward sales performance, or commemorate sales training completion. They can also help achieve specific business objectives, such as improving customer service or job safety, driving sales targets, and cross-selling products.

Give the reward they'll remember.

Use Visa Incentive cards for Employee Rewards

  • Sales awards
  • Bonuses
  • Service awards for recognizing employee tenure
  • Performance recognition
  • Health and wellness rewards
  • Workplace safety awards
  • Gifting
  • Training completion
  • Employee referrals
  • Sales referrals
  • Commissions

Get more measurable benefits

  • Create lasting appreciation by offering choice and value
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Custom-designed cards generate brand awareness and inspire commitment with each use
  • Faster to execute, so you can recognize excellence in a timely manner
  • Allows direct spend to specific merchant category codes — such as travel-related merchants — for maximum program control
  • Imprint the cardholder's name for an impressive personalized touch
  • Select non-personalized cards for instant issuance when faster results count
  • Easily distribute cards to international recipients
  • Optional reloadability is perfect for ongoing programs

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