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Successful incentive programs strive to make people feel valued, appreciated, and loyal, but cookie-cutter incentives don't always deliver passionate results. To really inspire customers, sales partners, and employees, it helps to turn corporate rewards into what they have their hearts set on. That's why the Visa Incentive card is so powerful. Whether used for Rebates, Channel Incentives, Consumer Promotions, or Employee Rewards, it lets recipients choose what they really want.

How does it work?

The Visa Incentive card is a co-branded Visa card your company loads with money to use as a business incentive. Recipients can use them everywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted and at more than 1 million ATMs worldwide1. After a purchase is made, the amount is deducted from the card balance.

Visa Incentive card programs are easy to implement and more cost-effective than traditional reward programs. They also support a wide array of Sales and Marketing and Human Resources initiatives. From state of the art customization options to turnkey fulfillment, our Solution Providers can help you manage the details and meet all of your business objectives. Contact a Provider to learn more.

Visa Incentive cards – A rewarding experience.


Not all rebates are created equal. Many consumers prefer the unique freedom and flexibility of rebate cards like the Visa Incentive card.

How the card works for Rebates

Channel Incentives

Streamline your Direct Selling program’s commission payments, increase business, and inspire the channel partners who sell your products and services.

How the card works for Channel Incentives

Consumer Promotions

It's easy to turn Visa Incentive cards into high-impact, branded promotional campaigns. Set your goals, choose a card provider, and influence customer behavior while you build loyalty.

How the card works for Consumer Promotions

Employee Rewards

When employees shine or reach an important milestone, show your appreciation with a Visa Incentive card. Their satisfaction can improve performance and retention.

How the card works for Employee Rewards

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1 Some Visa Incentive card issuers may limit ATM access or international use. 2 Incentive Gift Card IQ Survey, Incentive Magazine, August 2008. Note: Survey results, research and best practice recommendations are provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon for marketing, legal, regulatory or other advice. Best practice recommendations should be independently evaluated in light of your specific business needs and any applicable laws and regulations. Visa is not responsible for your use of the survey results, research, best practice recommendations or other information, including errors of any kind, or any assumptions or conclusions you might draw from their use. 3 Putting Trophy Value into Your Gift Card Program,” executive Whitepaper, Incentive Marketing Gift Certificate Council, 2005.


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