Visa Fleet Card

Visa Fleet Card


Control fleet expenses with Visa

Manage your vehicle fuel, maintenance, and repair expenses with the flexible, cost-saving Visa Fleet card.

Here are just a few of the ways Visa can help manage fleet-related expenses as part of your company’s overall procurement system:

  • A convenient tool for drivers to pay for fuel and maintenance expenses
  • Specialized data to better manage corporate fleets and track fleet expenses
  • Easy and safe purchasing of bulk fuel, parts, services, and other incidentals
  • Critical reports for accounting, tax compliance, regulatory reporting, usage controls, policy compliance, and cost management


Here are a few of the ways Visa can help you gain superior control over fleet expenses:

  • Track spending per vehicle by assigning a Visa Fleet card to each car or truck.
  • Track individual fleet purchasing by assigning a card to each employee.
  • Improve reporting with data consolidation that allows your company to group and analyze fleet spending by expense type, Merchant Category Code, geography, and more.
  • Monitor compliance with spending policies and purchases towards negotiated volume thresholds.

Enjoy a broad set of benefits and programs to enhance security and convenience with the potential to save your company money, all with around-the-clock support from Visa.


A variety of centralized and individual billing and payment options help to ensure that your payment program aligns with your business needs.

Here are some of the things you can do with a Visa Fleet card:

  • Customize each card by setting spending and transaction limits in advance or restricting card usage to specific merchant categories.
  • Enhance security by requiring an ID number each time the card is used.
  • Limit purchasing to fuel only, fuel and maintenance only, or consolidate other business spending.

If you are an eligible government, non-profit, or other organization, you may be able to receive tax reclamation assistance for fuel and maintenance purchases. Consult with your advisors regarding eligibility and how this may apply to your specific situation.

Information management

Over 230,000 fleet locations provide enhanced spending data to help you run your program more efficiently.

Here's how a Visa Fleet card can help streamline your fleet management:

  • Enable you to identify under-performing vehicles and rules infractions.
  • Assist with fleet-specific calculations.
  • Help analyze overall spending.
  • Integrate spending data directly into your company's accounting or other financial systems.

The Web-based Visa IntelliLink Spend Management and Visa IntelliLink Compliance Management services give you access to detailed spending and management tools. With these tools, you can locate fleet suppliers who accept Visa payment and organize fleet-related data into useful reporting and information.


Visa Fleet cardholders enjoy exclusive benefits and programs that enhance convenience and value potentially saving your company money.

* Certain restrictions, limitations and exclusions apply. Please call your issuing financial institution directly to verify the specific benefits included with your Visa card. You can also view general card benefit details by downloading the PDF at the right or by clicking on the benefits listed above.



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Fast Facts

  • The Visa Fleet card is accepted at over 2.4 million merchants who provide fleet-related services including over 240,000 fuel locations.
  • Over 230,000 fuel merchant locations provide fuel enhanced data.
  • Visa Fleet card helps qualified organizations annually recover millions of dollars in fuel taxes paid.

Source: VMPD (Visa Merchant Profile Database, Visa 2013)