Financial football

Visa partnered with the NFL and NFL Players Association to create a fun, interactive game that helps kids learn about managing their finances.

Visa believes access to financial services is essential for progress and that the most important financial tool is not a product – it is knowledge. That is why, for more than fifteen years, Visa has been developing and delivering financial literacy programs that teach individuals how to spend, save and budget responsibly.

Visa’s free financial education programs are global in reach and scope. To date, Visa has reached more than 28 million people worldwide with our financial literacy programs.

One such program in the United States is Financial Football. Leveraging our long time partnership with the National Football League (NFL), Visa created Financial Football and an accompanying classroom curriculum as an innovative way to make financial education fun and engaging for people of all ages. Financial Football combines the structure and rules of the NFL with personal finance questions of varying difficulty.

Through meaningful partnerships Visa empowers governments and elected officials to deliver fun and innovative educational resources like Financial Football for free to their constituents. Since 2007, elected leaders in more than 40 states have distributed Financial Football to every middle and high school in their states, reaching more than 28,000 schools and hundreds of thousands of students.

As more schools teach personal finance in the classroom and more parents have “the money talk” with their children, programs like Financial Football are an increasingly effective way to advance and extend the reach of financial learning where it is needed most.

Visa will continue to build partnerships with government to deliver this program, and others like it to governments, schools and non-governmental organizations because we believe financial education is a shared responsibility on three levels: government, corporate, and community.

For more information on how to partner with Visa to bring this resource to your constituents visit: Financial Football is available in English or Spanish and can be played online or ordered from our flagship financial educational website Visa has also released the game as a free iPhone app on iTunes, along with an optimized HD iPad version. To date the game has been played more than 650,000 times online alone.

Bring Financial Football to your constituents
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