Let's streamline your organization's pay flow.

With payment programs tailored to meet the needs of government agencies, Visa can help you reduce the time and costs associated with tracking and managing all of your payment needs.

government purchasing card

Visa Purchase card

The most widely held procurement card in the Federal government eliminates paper based purchase orders and invoice processing and streamlines your request checks and purchase requisitions.

government fleet card

Visa Fleet Card

Discover the best way to track all your vehicle-related expenses on the road or in the office. The Visa Fleet card can be used for vehicle costs and even collects data to help manage your program.

government travel card

Visa Travel Card

Accepted around the world, Visa Travel cards offer convenient and secure ways to pay for travel expenses, plus tools to effectively manage your program.

government commerical card

Visa Commercial card

The one-card solution for financial management, the Visa Commercial card streamlines cost reporting for travel, purchase or fleet expenses and can even be tailored to fit your organization's needs.

government prepaid card

Visa Government Prepaid card

Visa Government Prepaid cards help Federal, State and Local governments save money by replacing costly paper checks, vouchers, and cash payouts with safe, convenient, electronic disbursements.