Visa Government Prepaid Card

Reduce the cost of government disbursements for:

Child Support
Unemployment Insurance Benefits
Tax Refunds
Housing Authority
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Emergency Disaster Relief
Worker’s Compensation
Adoption and Foster Care
Federal Benefit Payments
Limited Use Employee/Guest Travel
Other Government Payments
Visa Government Prepaid cards can help Federal, State and Local government agencies save money by replacing costly paper checks, vouchers, and cash payouts with safer, streamlined electronic disbursements.
Payments are automatically issued to the cards, so cardholders have instant access to their money. For benefits recipients without traditional banking accounts, Visa Government Prepaid cards open the door to financial inclusion. The cards work everywhere Visa Debit cards are accepted – in stores, online, and by phone – and at more than a million ATMs worldwide.

Key benefits for government agencies:

  • Reduces the cost of distributing qualified benefit payments and government disbursements
  • Saves time by making payment administration and compliance more efficient
  • Cuts down the potential for fraud
  • Controls use through merchant acceptance restrictions, if needed
  • Delivers funds during disasters, emergencies, and when mail is disrupted or mail boxes are gone

Valuable benefits for cardholders:

  • Provides cardholders with a safer, more convenient way to access and hold their funds
  • Gives the unbanked and under-banked community more financial services and options
  • Helps cardholders learn about money management through Visa’s free financial literacy program
  • Offers special deals and discounts for popular everyday merchants, as permitted

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