The leading way to track and manage all your vehicle-related expenses

Pay, monitor, and manage your vehicle-related expenses with the flexible Visa Fleet card. On the road, drivers gain a convenient tool to pay for their fuel and maintenance expenses. In the office, Visa Fleet offers enhanced data capabilities for specialized reporting, enabling you to better manage your programs and monitor funds. For added flexibility, Visa Fleet can also be tailored for air or sea programs or used with other spending categories, such as travel or procurement.



The Visa Fleet card offers:
  • A variety of centralized and individual billing and payment options to meet your needs.
  • Fixed spending and transaction limits, as well as merchant categories for each card.
  • A flexible solution, whether for fuel and maintenance only, or consolidated with other organization spending capabilities.
  • Advanced security, with options such as required ID numbers for card use and prompts for driver ID or odometer reading when used at the pump.
  • Tax reclamation assistance on fuel and maintenance purchases for eligible governmental and non-profit organizations.
  • Multiple options for tracking and reporting alternative fuel purchases.

Why Visa Fleet?

  • Provides ease and convenience for payment of vehicle fuel and maintenance expenses.
  • Allows tracking of spending by vehicle or by employee.
  • Provides the capability to monitor compliance with spending policies and purchases towards negotiated volume thresholds.
  • Offers wider acceptance than other third party and single proprietary card programs.
  • Provides access to 24/7 customer care service with emergency cash and card replacement, lost/stolen card reporting, and more.

Information management

  • Over 230,000 fuel locations provide enhanced fleet data, such as miles-per-gallon calculations, unauthorized activity reports, and odometer readings. Fuel type and quantity data enable you to identify under-performing vehicles and rule infractions and track overall spending.**
  • Facilitates integration of spending data directly into your organization's accounting systems or financial applications.
  • The Web-based Visa IntelliLink Spend Management and Visa IntelliLink Compliance Management services give you access to detailed spending and management tools. With these tools, you can locate fleet suppliers who accept Visa payment and organize fleet-related data into useful reporting and information.



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* Certain restrictions, limitations and exclusions apply. Please call your issuing financial institution directly to verify the specific benefits included with your Visa card. You can also view general card benefit details by downloading the PDF at the right or by clicking on the benefits listed above.

** Visa Merchant Profile Database, Visa 2013



Fast Facts

  • The Visa Fleet card is accepted at over 2.4 million merchants who provide fleet-related services including over 240,000 fuel locations.
  • Over 230,000 fuel merchant locations provide fuel enhanced data.
  • Visa Fleet card helps qualified organizations annually recover millions of dollars in fuel taxes paid.

  • Source: VMPD (Visa Merchant Profile Database, Visa 2013)