Everything you need to know about the Visa Fleet program.

Does Visa Fleet provide vehicle-assigned fuel cards?

Yes, Visa Fleet cards may be assigned to particular vehicles or individual drivers. A driver card may be set up to restrict the driver to be able to use the card for particular vehicle(s) only. Additionally, a vehicle card may be set up to restrict card usage to particular individual driver(s).

Are original and replacement cards provided free?

Visa USA does not assign any fees to cardholder clients. All fees are determined by the individual issuers of Visa Fleet cards to existing and potential corporate fleet clients. Please contact your Visa issuer for more information regarding any and all fees associated with the Visa Fleet card or any other Visa-branded product offerings.

Why do I need a Visa Fleet card if I already have a purchase card and a travel card?

Many companies and government agencies manage fleets of vehicles which can be very costly and operationally difficult to support. Visa Fleet card purchases at fuel and vehicle maintenance merchants capture and provide fleet-specific transaction data to vehicle fleet managers. This data is used by fleet managers to help better control costs associated with operating a fleet of vehicles for their everyday business needs.

Can I combine my Visa Fleet card with my purchase or travel card?

Yes, Visa does offer an integrated solution which allows any combination of fleet, purchase, and/or travel and entertainment transactions to initiate from a single account.

Are Visa Fleet cards accepted anywhere Visa cards are accepted or only at certain locations?

Visa Fleet cards are generally accepted anywhere Visa cards are accepted. However, corporate fleet managers may request that their issuing bank set restrictions for where cards are to be accepted (e.g., at gas stations but not convenience stores).

What is the difference between net billing and tax reclamation and is one better than the other?

With net billing, eligible fuel taxes are extracted from the total purchase amount at the time the sale is posted. In contrast, with tax reclamation fuel tax amounts are not netted from the gross fuel total amount at time of posting. Instead, tax refund claims are submitted to different federal, state, and municipal tax jurisdictions for these tax-exempt fuel transactions, and refund checks are delivered directly to the tax-exempt cardholder clients. Since not all states/pump locations allow for netting of taxes at the pump, programs that use this method are required to have an alternate tax reclamation process. Visa Fleet offers its tax-exempt cardholder clients a single and comprehensive tax reclamation process. Visa Fleet tax reclamation recoups more eligible tax monies to cardholder clients than tax netting.

Is data mining applicable to Visa Fleet cards?

Yes. Visa Fleet card transactions are a subset of the Visa Purchase card program. Thus, data mining is allowed and available for Visa Fleet transactions.

How many fleet-related merchants in the United States accept Visa Fleet cards?

Visa Fleet cards are accepted at over 1.2 million fleet service providers, and more than 150,000 of these service providers capture fleet-specific enhanced data (e.g., price per gallon, gallons purchased, type of fuel purchased, etc.). (Source: Visa Merchant Profile Database, Visa 2006)

Does Visa provide rebates?

Issuers negotiate any rebates for their fleet cardholder clients. Please contact your Visa issuer for more information regarding rebates.

Does Visa provide monthly reports on all fuel purchased by particular vehicles?

Yes. Visa Fleet reports are provided to cardholder clients by their issuer.

How can Visa Fleet help support fleet managers?

Visa Fleet offers fleet managers the following features to help support their daily needs:
  • Customize each card by setting spending and transaction limits in advance, or restricting card usage to specific merchant categories.
  • Track spending per vehicle by assigning a Visa Fleet card to each car or truck.
  • Track individual fleet purchasing by assigning a card to each employee.
  • Improve reporting with data consolidation to allow your company to group and analyze fleet spending by expense type, Merchant Category Code, geography, and more.
  • Monitor compliance with spending policies and purchases towards negotiated volume thresholds.
  • Enhance security by requiring an ID number each time the card is used.
  • Limit usage to fuel purchases or fuel and maintenance purchases only.
  • Enable you to identify under-performing vehicles and track vehicle usage to determine maintenance schedules.
  • Integrate spending data directly into your company's accounting or other financial systems.

Can an agency limit purchases to fuel only?

Yes. Visa Fleet cards may be set up to limit purchases to fuel only, fuel and maintenance items only, or without restrictions.

Can other limits be set, such as transactions per day and/or purchase amount?

Yes. Your issuer has the ability to place transaction restrictions on Visa Fleet cards at the point of sale, upon your request.

Does Visa Fleet allow for odometer entry, daily fueling limits, and PIN validations at point of sale?

Yes. Your issuer has the ability to establish these options for Visa Fleet cards at the time of account setup. Please contact your issuer for more information on account setup options and requirements.

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Fast Fact

The Visa Fleet card is accepted everywhere Visa is welcome, including almost 1.2 million locations providing fuel, maintenance, parts, and service throughout the U.S.

Source:Visa Merchant Profile Database, Visa 2006