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In many parts of the world, person-to-person payments—such as remittances—are critical financial transactions within a family, whether a domestic payment from an urban worker to a family in a rural village or an international payment to a family back home. Yet, these payments can be inefficient and expensive for the underserved. To help, Visa offers fast, efficient and reliable personal payment options to the underserved.

  • In Mexico, Visa is working to enable cost-effective person-to-person payments, typically remittances from family members working in other countries. Our relationship with MoneyGram helps people in the U.S. send funds from any of MoneyGram’s 35,000 locations to eligible Visa accounts in Mexico, sparing recipients the inconvenience and risk of picking up cash at agent locations.
Financial Literacy Summit
Financial Literacy Summit

Hear from attendees at our sixth-annual global summit on financial literacy and education.

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