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Visa advances financial inclusion through our products, services and network that enable the electronification of money and help make the daily financial lives of the unbanked or underserved safer and more convenient, dignified and reliable. Visa's electronic payments improves the way that the unbanked and underserved can send and receive money, pay for everyday necessities as well as receive aid.

Our products and services enable:

The VisaNet Network: Interoperability at Scale
For the underserved, the difference between receiving a payment and the money getting lost, delayed or stolen can mean the difference between putting food on the table or going hungry—or the difference between obtaining health services or going without. VisaNet, our global payments network, allows Visa to provide the secure, reliable, scalable, and interoperable payment processing services that are so vital to this population. Visa is working with local governments, NGOs, financial institutions, mobile network operators, and other service providers to connect to VisaNet, and in doing so, realize the benefits of speed, reliability and security that participation in our network brings to our stakeholders.

VisaNet is the world's largest and one of the most advanced payment networks.

VisaNet processes more than 150 million transactions per day

Our network processes transactions in less than 1 second

The network connects 14,600 financial institutions with tens of millions of merchants

VisaNet offers multiple, advanced defense layers to prevent breaches, combat fraud and render compromised card data unusable
Financial Literacy Summit
Financial Literacy Summit

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Financial Inclusion in Rwanda
Financial Inclusion in Rwanda

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