Our Payments Expertise

Visa collaborates with leading global organizations to share our payments expertise, develop best practices and build capacity. Illustrative examples include:

  • World Economic Forum: Mobile Financial Services Working Group
    Our work with the World Economic Forum’s Mobile Financial Services Working Group focuses on the opportunities and challenges of mobile financial services to expand financial access to underserved citizens in emerging economies. Visa’s role included participation in the development of the Forum’s Mobile Financial Services Development Report.
  • GSMA: Mobile Money for the Unbanked Working Group
    Visa is an active participant in the Mobile Money for the Unbanked Working Group of the mobile industry’s trade group, GSMA. By sharing our knowledge and experience with our peers, Visa is supporting the group’s goal to accelerate the availability of mobile money services to 20 million unbanked people by the end of 2012.

Our Business

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Financial Literacy Summit
Financial Literacy Summit

Hear from attendees at our sixth-annual global summit on financial literacy and education.