Global Financial Literacy Programs

For nearly two decades, Visa's financial literacy programs have helped educate millions of children and adults in more than 30 countries on how to manage money wisely.

A hallmark of our free and localized programs is that they meet the needs of various cultural standards, educational needs and levels of economic development. For example, in Sáo Paulo, Brazil, Visa has staged Financial Theater performances to introduce schoolchildren in this sprawling metropolis to savings, budgeting and responsible spending. In Russia, Visa worked with the government to develop an essential guide on money management to be distributed with passports, which are issued to teenagers as the primary form of national identification. These programs help ensure that, as individuals gain access to formal financial services, they do so with a sound understanding of money management.

In other locations, our FIFA World Cup™-branded Financial Soccer educational video game teaches personal finance basics to audiences in 35 countries and 13 languages, and has been co-branded by dozens of financial institutions, NGOs and governments. Our financial literacy websites, localized around the globe, draw millions of visits each year from parents, teachers, students, and consumers looking for free, high-quality personal finance information for the classroom and home.

In 2012, Visa teamed up with Marvel Comics to create a financial literacy comic book that teaches kids important personal finance skills. The comic book, launched in line with the spring 2012 Avengersmovie release, is available in eight languages; 250,000 copies have been printed to date.

Also in 2012, Visa kicked off a series of high-level conferences in India, Eastern Europe, Kenya, and the Middle East delivered in collaboration with the Financial Times. The forums, which will culminate in the international Financial Education Summit to be held in the Philippines in December, are dedicated to improving the financial literacy of individuals from the most vulnerable communities around the globe.

"Visa's financial education initiatives are characterized by their innovation, which has helped turn a significant number of people onto this topic. Examples like the financial literacy theater play, "Professor Q: Discover the magic of your financial power" and Financial Soccer, are strategic programs that have helped engage sectors of the population that traditionally have considered personal financial matters something for experts. To this end, Visa joins efforts at a broad national level to promote responsible financial inclusion."

Comisión Nacional para la Protección y Defensa
de los Usuarios de Servicios Financieros
National Commission for the Protection and
Defense of Financial Services Users (Mexico)
Arturo Luna Canales
General Director of Financial Education

Financial Inclusion in Rwanda
Financial Inclusion in Rwanda

Find out more about our partnership with the Rwandan government.

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