Responsible Spending

A Unique Perspective

As the world’s largest electronic payments network, Visa has a unique perspective on the global economy, and with that insight comes the inherent responsibility to inform others. Each second, our network facilitates transactions with security and ease, connecting businesses, governments, financial institutions and consumers in almost every nation.
The global flow of commerce is a good thing — it contributes to the wealth of all nations and to the richness and vitality of our lives. Yet, global commerce carries with it some important responsibilities.

The Value of Financial Skills

Regardless of geographic location, basic financial skills are a necessity for everyone. The ability to plan and adhere to a budget, to prepare for the future, to set aside savings for unplanned expenses, to use credit wisely and to live within one’s means are skills valued in every country.

Whether we are educators, governments, communities, faith-based organizations or private enterprises, we all have a responsibility to do our part. At Visa, we understand our responsibility, and we take it seriously. Ensuring that individuals understand the importance of responsible spending is as important as the technology we create to make that exchange of value possible.

Financial literacy  has been a top priority at Visa for years — we implement a variety of innovative programs to improve financial literacy worldwide.

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