Preventing fraud with digital authentication

Aite Group explores emerging security solutions for digital commerce.

Digital authentication

New opportunities to enhance the customer journey.
An illustration of a city and icons depicts a variety of places that digital authentication can be used.

How can businesses create elegant user experiences with effective fraud prevention?

By intelligently deploying targeted authentication tools that cut through the confusion of the authentication landscape.

Navigating the complex authentication landscape and establishing a common lexicon

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Authentication methods — breadth and depth

Authentication methods — breadth and depth. Column 1- device data. Column 2- Behavioral patterns. Column 3- Behavioral biometrics. Column 4- Physical biometrics. Column 5- User data verification. Column 6- credentials. Column 7- Out-of-band.

Balancing ease of use and security

Businesses want to mitigate fraud, but that's often at the expense of a good user experience. It doesn't have to be. Here is how different authentication solutions balance fraud prevention with user experience ⁠— and which ones can offer the best of both.
An illustration of an arrow and icons are used to depict Visa’s many authentication solutions that help prevent fraud.
Balancing ease of use and security. Column 1- Security. Column 2- High friction. Column 3- Medium friction. Column 4- Seamless experience.

The challenge

Every business wants to offer great user experiences while keeping fraud rates low — traditionally, that has been difficult to accomplish.
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The solution

A fraud and authentication platform can help address these challenges.
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An authentication platform enables simple access to multiple service providers

Using Apple Pay at a contactless-enabled terminal inside a taxi.