• Global Travel Intentions Study

    A comprehensive look at travel and tourism around the globe, the study analyzes international travel trends and behavior of more than 15,000 global travelers from more than 27 countries and territories.

While travelers are increasingly using technology to plan their trips and navigate their destinations, the majority of them are still decidedly analog when it comes to making payments internationally. The average global traveler brings US$778 in cash to their travel destination.

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72% of travelers spend time exchanging currency before they take off.
Technology has become a traveling essential. 88% of travelers gained online access while abroad and almost half (44%) used ride-sharing apps to get around while there.
Globally people are planning more trips abroad. The Americas lead the pack in annual trips taken with an average of 3.2 trips in 2017.
87% of travelers return home with leftover cash but only 29% convert it back to local currency.

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