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In addition to complying with any applicable laws and regulations, you and your agents must take immediate action to contain the incident, notify payment system partners including Visa, and investigate the incident, which may include retaining an independent PCI Forensic Investigator (PFI).  

Failure to immediately notify Visa Inc. Fraud Control of the suspected or confirmed loss or theft of any Visa transaction information at: (650) 432-2978 or may result in a penalty of up to $100,000 per incident to the client bank.  

  • Stay alert and monitor all systems that have cardholder data or may have connections to the cardholder data environment.
  • Don’t log in or change passwords on the at-risk systems. Don’t log in as ROOT.
  • Detach the at-risk system from the network by unplugging the cable. Do not turn it off.
  • Change secure service identification on the access point and all systems using a wireless connection, except the at-risk systems.
  • Save all logs and electronic evidence.
  • Keep a record of all actions taken.
  • Notify your internal information security group and incident response team.
  • Notify your acquirer. If you don’t know the name or contact information for your acquirer, notify the Visa Fraud Investigations group immediately at (650) 432-2978 or
  • Notify your local office of the United States Secret Service.  

Deliver all potentially compromised Visa, Interlink, and Plus account numbers within 10 business days. Visa will distribute the numbers to issuers and safeguard confidentiality.

Note: Visa and your acquirer will determine whether to conduct an independent forensic investigation.  

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Visa Fraud Investigations

  • Works to obtain all potentially compromised account numbers
  • Shares at risk account information with issuers
  • Works with the appropriate law enforcement on your behalf
  • Facilitates a timely forensic investigation  

Data Security Team

  • Provides guidelines to assist your response to the incident
  • Supports you in identifying security deficiencies
  • Makes sure you take action to minimize future risk to account information
  • Helps you quickly verify PCI DSS compliance  

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