Bring greater efficiency to dispute management processing

Visa Resolve Online (VROL) is an end-to-end dispute processing platform that provides a more efficient way to access and manage the full dispute lifecycle. Offered to all issuers, issuer processors, acquirers, and acquirer processors, it delivers a range of capabilities to help deflect unnecessary disputes and process and resolve valid disputes. Faster and more fully than ever before.

Complete transaction research

Fraud reporting and maintenance

Exception file listing and maintenance

Electronic pre-filing and case filing

Real-time case monitoring and reporting

Take your dispute management to the next level

VROL provides access to additional services that unlock greater automation and data transparency. Issuers and issuer processors can quickly respond to cardholder inquiries with digital receipts and help speed dispute resolution. Acquirers and acquirer processors can help their merchant clients deflect unnecessary disputes and resolve valid disputes. 


Order Insight Call Center®

Prevent unnecessary disputes over unfamiliar charges by giving call center agents detailed digital receipts via VROL’s transaction inquiry service—and help achieve one-call resolution.

Order Insight Call Center


Visa Risk-based Auto Dispute

Settle fraud disputes faster by automating the dispute submission process—for both cardholders and call center staff.

Visa Risk-based Auto Dispute


Visa Pre-arbitration Compelling Evidence 3.0 for Acquirers

Help merchants combat friendly fraud by streamlining the submission of additional transaction data for a qualified Compelling Evidence 3.0 response.


Order Insight Digital®

Provide cardholders with self-service access to detailed digital receipts via your banking app, so they can investigate unfamiliar charges to determine if they are legitimate.

Order Insight Digital


Visa Dispute Management Service for Issuers

Cost-effectively optimize your dispute recovery rates* by outsourcing dispute management to our on-behalf-of dispute experts.

Visa Dispute Management Service

*Based on all transactions disputed via the Allocation and Collaboration flows within VROL as of February 2023

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Visa Resolve Online is easy to implement, with an intuitive interface that helps reduce training time and quickly increase productivity. VROL can also be accessed two ways, via a User Interface or APIs.

VROL User Interface

Provides read only and processing rights that allow you to quickly address cardholder queries, submit and monitor disputes.

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Leverage VROL APIs to seamlessly integrate with your workflows. The VROL Fraud API is available now, with more APIs coming soon.

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