Advancing financial inclusion

Small and micro businesses are the backbone of local economies, promoting innovation, creating jobs and fostering upward mobility. Visa Foundation partners with local organizations to invest in small business owners, creating ripple effects for their families, employees and customers.

Visa Foundation advances financial inclusion by providing small and micro business owners with holistic solutions:

Financial inclusion quantified

Our commitment to financial inclusion has helped to transform the trajectory of growth for more than four million small and micro businesses around the world. Here’s a closer look at our collective impact to date.*
Infographic showing Visa Foundation impact from October 2017 through September 2023.
$120.5 million dollars in investments by partnering with 24 organizations, and $80 million dollars in grants by partnering with 50 organizations, leading to $200.5 million dollars in total commitments from Visa Foundation. These commitments contributed to partners whose work results in over $2 billion dollars of capital invested in local communities, over 4M small business supported and over 1 million jobs supported.

*Commitments and impact from October 2017 through September 2023 based on annual reporting from partners. 

Numbers and percentages used in this report are estimates or approximations and may be based on assumptions.

Creating resilient communities

Visa Foundation advances economic mobility by working to create sustained impact in the communities where Visa employees live and work. Our programs address local issues, from food insecurity and sustainability, to housing crises and homelessness.


Supporting Thriving Communities

Visa Foundation Gives has launched in eight cities, deploying more than $2 million in grants to address place-based challenges.


Providing Urgent Support and Relief

Visa Foundation has committed more than $22 million to provide assistance to those impacted by the global pandemic, floods, earthquakes and wildfires.


Empowering Employee Giving and Volunteering

Through Visa Foundation Matches, Visa employees have helped raise more than $16 million in total donations.

From vision to impact

Since its establishment, Visa Foundation has helped to impact more than four million small and micro businesses in over 60 countries globally. Here are the foundation’s milestones to date.

"When we invest with purpose, we invest in the transformative power of individuals. By uplifting each other, we build bridges to brighter, more equitable futures for our communities, fostering a culture of empowerment and creating a ripple effect of growth and progress."

Kelly Mahon Tullier portrait, Board Chair, Visa Foundation.
Kelly Mahon Tullier, Board Chair, Visa Foundation