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A shared-technology model to address MDIs’ digital needs

Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs) have long maintained a unique position in the financial services industry as the institutions that understand and can serve their communities better than any other financial institution segment. Recent financial shock has increased the challenges these important institutions are already facing. In this paper we assess recent trends in an important sector of US community banks and propose some collective actions solutions for enhancing their competitiveness.

Closing gaps in the digital ecosystem: How leaders in the public and private sectors can partner to build trust and advance people’s skills

During the past five years, increased participation in the digital economy has fueled improvements to incomes, livelihoods, and well-being. This note provides guidelines for what like-minded stakeholders in the public and private sector can do together to drive equitable participation in the digital economy amidst rapid technological advancement.

Building an inclusive, equitable digital economy

A framework for digital equity and inclusion through opportunity, skills and trust.

Digital, diverse, and going global: A new dawn for women-led firms

This paper explores the factors that contribute to the success of women-led firms, and offers policymakers a set of recommendations to help them grow.

Transforming for global reach: Small business in the UK

This paper explores the results of a survey of businesses in the United Kingdom (UK) and finds that digital capabilities—in terms of payments, access to online marketplaces, and cross-border reach—are key to small business recovery and resilience.

Demystifying cyber supply chain security and zero trust architecture for small businesses

This paper describes how small businesses can implement an effective cyber supply chain risk management system and offers a set of actionable steps that small firms can take to protect their supply chains and customers as they do business in the digital age.

Dubai MSMEs: Digital and resilient

VEEI and the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism surveyed businesses in Dubai and found that digital capabilities are key to small business recovery and resilience. The paper offers recommendations to further promote and empower micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), which are a key pillar of Dubai’s economy.

Towards digital equity: Empowering Black and Brown-owned banks

Visa’s contribution to the e-Book, Future-Proofing Inclusion: Technology Proposals for CDFIs and MDIs, presented at the fifth annual DC Fintech Week in October 2021 shows that scaling financial products offered by MDIs will help to serve an even greater number of people in underrepresented communities.

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