The fundamentals of payment processing

We provide our clients with a comprehensive solution and single point of access to Visa payment products and services, as well as other global capabilities. With Visa DPS, you get a processing platform that leverages cutting-edge technology and provides exceptional service. We are a proven thought leader, evidenced by our position at the forefront of payment innovation, and strive to help you gain long-term success. At our core, we offer:
Diagram showing the different services offered by Visa DPS.
Diagram showing the different services offered by Visa DPS. Visa DPS offers three core services – transaction processing, managed settlement, and network compliance. In addition to these core services, Visa DPS also offers several additional services – ATM (plus Device) Management, Advanced Data and Campaign Services, Advanced Fraud Rule Authoring, Fraud Scoring, End-to-End Case Fraud Management, Consumer Support, Disputes End-to-End on Behalf of, Digital Assets, On Behalf Of Services, Consulting, Account (plus Card and Credential) Management. These services are complementary to the three additional services and help to enhance the Visa DPS offering. Visa DPS also provides issuers with a single connection to 20+ network flows (e.g. card schemes).

The orchestration layer

Unlock more growth with our value-added services

Beyond authorization and settlement, we offer services that address some of your key needs and requirements as a card issuer, from tackling fraud to managing payment disputes:

The real game changer: our people

Let’s be clear. Visa DPS is not just a solution, it truly is a service. When you decide to partner with Visa, it opens the door to a world beyond processing and gives you access to our resources, experience and industry-leading innovation.

You choose how to integrate

Visa DPS can integrate into any core banking platform, be that modern or traditional. Choose your integration journey:

How to get started with Visa DPS

Our six step process for launching is thorough, detailed, and flexible to get you to market quickly. We have an expert team on-hand to support you through the journey.

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