• QuickBooks: Increasing customer satisfaction with real-time* payments for small businesses

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Small business customers can access their funds in real time*

62 %

of small businesses struggle with cash flow or maintaining a balance of money in and money out1

69 %

of small business owners say ongoing concerns about their cash flow status have kept them up at night1


To put small business owners’ hard-earned money in their pockets sooner, QuickBooks developed “Instant Deposit,” where eligible users can get their payments in real-time,* any day of the week—including weekends and holidays2

QuickBooks serves customers fast
deposits with “Instant Deposit” feature

Intuit, the developer of QuickBooks, knows that customers run their businesses in real time, and cash flow issues can arise when they have to wait for funds. To help small business owners access their money faster, QuickBooks and its payment processor, QuickBooks Payments, worked with Visa Direct, Visa's real-time* push payment platform, to launch “Instant Deposit,” a push-to-card solution. The feature allows eligible QuickBooks customers in the United States to get paid in real time.* And it’s been a huge help to small business owners who need to make every payment count.

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