How it works

Visa Easy Payment Service gives you and your customers a fast, convenient checkout.

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No signatures or PINs

Nearly all card-present transactions under $50 apply


Eliminates receipt requirement

Cut the paperwork


No sign-up

Merchants in most MCCs are eligible

The benefits of Visa Easy Payment Service (VEPS)

Quicker and more convenient than cash

Enjoy the benefits of higher value transactions compared with cash—the average U.S. consumer’s spend per Visa purchase is consistently higher than cash.

1 Source: U.S. Visa Payment Panel Study (2Q11 to 1Q12). Visa Payment Panel Study was commissioned by Visa and has been conducted continuously since 1991 by independent research firm TNS among 20,000 respondents annually, aged 18+, and who own at least one payment card.

Faster checkout gives your customers a more seamless experience— help reduce long lines for small transactions.

Getting started is easy, with no additional fees, registration requirements or new equipment.

Visa’s chip card technology helps protect in-store payments against counterfeit cards by generating a unique, one-time code before the transaction can be approved.

Beginning October 1, 2015, liability for in-store counterfeit fraud will shift to the party – either the issuing financial institution or the merchant -  that has not adopted chip technology.

Q + A

Frequently asked questions about Visa Easy Payment Service

Merchants must belong to one of the eligible Merchant Category Codes (MCCs) to participate (98% of MCCs are eligible). For more details, refer to the Visa Easy Payment Service for Merchants fact sheet.


To qualify, a transaction: 

  • Must be a Visa or Visa Electron transaction
  • Must take place at a qualified merchant
  • Must be $25 or under if conducted in a face-to-face environment
  • Must be $50 or under if conducted in discount stores and supermarkets
  • Must be $15 or under if conducted in an unattended environment
  • Must be authorized by the card issuer


No. Merchants do not need to sign up with Visa to participate in the VEPS program. There is no additional fee.

Changes to the device are not mandatory, but may be beneficial to streamline transactions. Merchants should work with their acquirer to determine if device changes are needed.

Merchants using magnetic stripe, chip, and contactless technologies can all benefit from VEPS. All VEPS qualifying transactions follow normal acceptance procedures. The major difference? No signature is required and receipts are only required by request.

Interested in VEPS?

Contact your acquirer to learn more about the benefits of VEPS.

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