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The big picture 

Understanding your organization’s spending patterns, increasing control over spend, identifying savings opportunities and facilitating expense approval processes while ensuring corporate compliance are all essential parts of business management. Visa IntelliLink’s got you covered.  


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Access to information  

  • Dashboards for quick snapshots of key information
  • Email alerts signal key events—approvals, availability of reports or statements, and program thresholds
  • Self-service interactive reports with multiple filters, sort options and drill-down capability
  • Sourcing tool for analysis of your entire AP spend, including import of non-card activity for a holistic view 

Speed and ease of use 

  • Easy to learn, intuitive user interface
  • Self-paced learning tools
  • Key features are available with minimal clicks, including one-click statements
  • Context-sensitive online help for information relevant to the specific feature in use 

Local-to-global scope  

  • Support for up to 15 languages
  • Dual- and multi-currency statements for a consolidated view of local and cross-border spend
  • Global roll-up and local reporting/expense management in one single solution
  • Local tax support including VAT and GST 

Custom integration  

  • Select key preferences such as language and alert notifications
  • Can be tailored to organizational travel and entertainment policies—compliance triggers, multi-tiered approval workflow, receipt imaging, and more
  • Direct integration of transaction data to ERP, with support of customized formats as well as to third-party applications
  • Integration with travel booking 

Level II

Level I data elements
Sales tax amount
Sales tax indicator

Level III - Summary Data

Level I and II data elements plus
Ship to/from ZIP code
Destination country code
VAT invoice reference number
VAT tax amount/rate

Level III - Line Item Detail

Level I and II data elements plus
Item description
Item quantity
Item unit of measure
Item total


Customer code
Purchase ID
Purchase ID format


Discount amount
Freight/shipping amount
Duty amount
Order date


Item commodity code
Item product code 

Item unit cost
Item VAT tax amount/rate

Level II

Level I data elements plus
Prompted Driver ID (if applicable)
Prompted Vehicle ID (if applicable)
Prompted Odometer Reading (if
Fuel type
Service type
Fuel Unit of Measure (Gallons)
Fuel quantity
Fuel Price per Unit

Level III

Level I and II data elements plus
Non Fuel item line-item detail including
Item Commodity Code
Item Description
Item Unit Cost


Fuel Tax Paid
Sales Tax Paid
Purchase ID
Purchase ID Format
Fuel Tax Exemption Status
Gross Fuel Amount
Net Fuel Amount
Gross Non-Fuel Amount
Net Non-Fuel Amount
Purchase ID Format


Item Quantity
Item Unit of Measure
Item Discount Amount
Item Total

Level II

Level I data elements plus
Merchant name/original ticket number
Passenger name
Departure date

Level III

Level I and II data elements plus
Restricted ticket indicator
Total fare/tax/fee amount
Currency code
Exchange ticket number and
Internet indicator


Origination city/airport code
Travel agency code/name
Detailed data for up to four legs of
- Carrier code 
- Services class 
- Stop-over code 
- Destination city/airport code


Electronic ticket indicator
Conjunction ticket number
Ticket issue date
Fare basis code
Control ID detailed information for up to 198 legs of travel

Level II

Level 1 data elements plus
Check-in date

Level III

Level I and II data elements plus
Daily room rate
Summary tax elements
Telephone and FAX charges
Gift shop purchases
Movie charges
Health club charges
No Show indicator



Hotel folio number
Number of room nights


Business center charges
Laundry charges
Check in/out dates
Food/bev. and minibar charges
Folio number
Parking/valet charges
Cash advances
Non-room charges

Level II

Level 1 data elements plus
Days rented
Car rental agreement number

Level III

Level I and II data elements plus
Daily/weekly rental rate
Check Out/in date
Location/city of car return
One-way/drop-off charges
Late return charges/hourly rate
Insurance charges


Renter name
Check-out date


Fuel charges
Regular and extra mileage charges
Total tax/VAT
Telephone charges
Car Class Code
No show indicator
Extra/other charges

Level II

Level I data elements plus
Sales tax amount
Sales tax indicator

Level III

Level I and II data elements plus
Tracking number
Pick up date
ZIP code
Origin/destination country code
Number of packages


Customer code
Purchase ID
Purchase ID format


Origin/destination name and
Item service description
Item unit of measure
Item weight
Item discount amount
Item net/tax amount

Level II

Level I data elements plus
Sales tax amount
Sales tax indicator

Level III

Level I and II data elements plus
Employee/temp name
Social security number
Cost center
Week start/end date
Rate indicator


Customer code
Purchase ID
Purchase ID format

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Solutions that work with your software 

Visa offers a wide range of payment options designed to integrate into front-end procurement and payables processes and systems, and can also deliver enhanced data through standard file formats or through Visa reporting tools that can integrate into your back-office expense reporting software, general ledger and other systems.  

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Another layer of protection and control 

Improved compliance monitoring means that your businesses can run at the most efficient level possible. With Visa IntelliLink Compliance Management, an intuitive, web-based information-services application you gain easy, convenient access to information that can improve misuse detection and management.  Simply put, Visa IntelliLink Compliance Management is intended to add another layer of protection and control for your business so you can focus on the things that matter. 

Transforming data into information

Take data generated by commercial card payments programs and transform it into easily accessible information, no special hardware or software required.     

Transforming information into knowledge

Detect and evaluate card misuse and gain oversight across agency and performance metrics at a glance.     

Transforming knowledge into intelligence

By using advanced analytic techniques, IntelliLink becomes progressively more adept at catching potential misuse.  

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