Save your employees – and administrators – time and effort by adding Visa Healthcare + Benefit cards to your health benefit program. Employees can use their HSA, FSA or HRA cards to pay for qualified medical expenses wherever Visa Debit cards are accepted.

Visa Healthcare cards

Employees can easily access their health benefit funds without having to pay out-of-pocket and then seek reimbursement. Purchases made with an FSA or HRA card can reduce paperwork to substantiate claims. Remember to always keep your receipts in the event of an audit.
Visa Flexible Spending Account debit card.
Visa Health Savings Account debit card.
Visa Health Reimbursement Arrangement debit card.

Healthcare card comparison

Help your employees save on healthcare costs. Check with your tax or benefits adviser to determine which account may be best for your company and your employees.
Healthcare card comparison. Column 1: Benefit. Column 2: HSA. Column 3: FSA. Column 4: HRA


Promote Visa Healthcare + Benefit cards to your employees.
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