Evolve your loyalty program with Visa

Exceed customers’ expectations and elevate brand loyalty and engagement with the Visa Web3 Loyalty Engagement Solution.

Why Web3 is the future of loyalty

Web3 and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) offer exciting, new capabilities that enhance loyalty programs and create more engaged customers.

Web3 wallets

With Web3 wallets, you can offer consumers a safe way to store digital identity and assets like crypto and NFTs. They also simplify authentication and enable connected consent — no cookies or email needed.

NFT-powered loyalty

Loyalty programs powered by NFTs deliver value beyond points and mileage. Program benefits are earnable, redeemable, possessable and transferrable with the use of NFT technology.

Build future-ready customer engagement with Visa

The Visa Web3 Loyalty Engagement Solution leverages SmartMedia Technologies Web3 Digital Asset Management and Engagement Platform. With the platform, you can provide customers with a Visa-backed  Web3 wallet allowing you to:

  • Engage customers with virtual, digital and real-life experiences
  • Provide a seamless digital experience that can unlock promotional tokens, perks and benefits
  • Offer new and existing customers fun and rewarding experiences in the digital world
  • Establish a presence in the digital world with NFTs created on the blockchain


Visa + SmartMedia Technology

The SmartMedia Technologies Enterprise Web3 Engagement Platform makes Web3 easy, secure and open for both brands and users.

Use SmartMedia Stack to:


  • Build and customize Web3 experiences such as AR drops and treasure hunts in the self-serve, no-code studio
  • Create custom branded Web3 wallets and design and distribute tokens and interoperable rewards
  • Deliver experiences with the scale of a Web3-enabled programmatic media platform


With the combination of Visa and SmartMedia Technologies, financial institutions and merchants can have their own branded mobile Web3 app and create their own marketplaces and communities.

Evolve your customer loyalty program now

Visa Web3 Loyalty Engagement Solution can deliver even more value to your customers and help you achieve better business outcomes.