Why Visa+?


Remove barriers between participating apps and merchants, while empowering users with choice.


Gain access to millions of new endpoints for both domestic peer-to-peer (P2P) and business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions.


Seamlessly connect to all participating platforms through a single integration with a trusted network.

Payment apps can deepen engagement

Visa+ simplifies personal payments so users can do more without ever leaving their preferred participating payment app.


Users can move funds from their participating app of choice rather than setting up multiple accounts.  


No need to share email addresses or phone numbers. A Visa+ payname is all users need to direct payments.

Real-Time¹ Payouts

Be the destination for users’ real-time¹ payouts from participating gig, marketplace and creator platforms.

Merchants can expand real-time¹ payments

Merchants can deliver real-time¹ payouts to participating payment apps, offering users flexibility to make their wallet apps a primary destination for earnings and other payments.


Grant users more flexibility with increased options for how they get paid.


There's no need to share sensitive details like emails or phone numbers to get paid — just a Visa+ payname.

Real-Time¹ Payouts

Enable secure, real-time¹ payouts to users’ Visa+-enabled accounts with a single integration.

Visa+ partners²

Enable users to send and receive funds on other participating apps

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Make it easier for payment apps and merchants to offer Visa+

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A welcome solution


Surveyed consumers express interest in consolidating their P2P transfers.³

87 %

Of surveyed consumers agree that the concept of Visa+ is convenient, easy to use and innovative.⁴

83 %

Of surveyed gig workers, creators and freelancers said they’d likely select to receive payment for their work via P2P apps.⁵

Frequently asked questions

A Visa+ payname is a unique, personalized, receive-only payment address linked to a user’s participating payment app account. The Visa+ payname follows a standardized format: +username.domain. Users may only have one Visa+ payname per eligible personal account in a participating payment app.

Interested in learning more?

Contact your Visa representative to learn how you can offer Visa+.