Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service (VBASS)

Improve merchant authorization management, reduce fraud and enhance the checkout experience with the help of Visa BIN Attributes.


Bank Identification Numbers (BINS) are 6 to 8 digit numbers licensed by Visa to issuers. Each licensed BIN has unique characteristics that Visa refers to as BIN Attributes. These BIN Attributes provide information such as the BIN’s product, issuer, licensed country and more.

The global Visa BIN Attribute Sharing Service (VBASS) is an optional service that can enable sharing of Visa BIN Attributes to improve merchant processes and checkout experiences within the allowed use cases. The service offers two methods to obtain BIN Attribute data: Direct Access from Visa and Indirect Access through an acquirer or acquirer sponsored third party.

Why participate?

The use of BIN Attributes can support a wide variety of intended uses, including:

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