Visa Travel Insights

Wide shot of coastal beach in Turkey.
asian travellers
Man skiing in the Swiss Alps.
Ski destination Japan
Graph of China's share of total skiers
Overlook of a village in the mountains covered with snow.
Big group of people standing near a geyser.
U.S. national park canyon.
View of lake, trees and mountain.
Map of Japan against an orange sun.
currency movements chart
View of beach, city and mountains.
post brexit travel chart
Graph of global travel projections through the year 2025 for travelers from 50 key markets.
Chart forecast of seniors having a growing impact on travel and tourism.
British pound, Japanese Yen, Dollar and Euro symbols.

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Pie graph showing 75 percent check, 15 percent ACH, 9 percent card.
Line graph labeled Gen X, Boomer and Silent.
Visa webpage open on a computer monitor.