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Global Travel Insights: Cross-Border Travel Summer 2022

Global travel out of the doldrums, but how far can it go?
Cross border arrivals chart. See cross border image description for more details.
Three pie charts showing the cross-border arrivals by distance travelled in May 2022 relative to May 2019. For long-haul trips (>3,000 miles), travel has recovered by 71 percent (to 20 million cross-border arrivals). Short-haul trips (<3,000 miles) and travel between countries with a shared border has recovered by 81 percent (58 million) and 84 percent (24 million) respectively.

Recovery remains secure despite mounting challenges

Asia Pacific travel’s recovery—delayed but not lost

AP arrivals chart. See AP arrivals image description for more details.
Bar chart showing the Asia Pacific arrivals in top regional and global cities in Q1-2022 compared to 2019 levels. Visitor arrivals from Asia Pacific to other Asia Pacific destinations remained low compared to 2019, including Bangkok at 2%, Singapore at 5%, Tokyo at 1%, Kuala Lumpur at 1% and Phuket at 3%. In comparison, visitor arrivals from Asia Pacific to global destinations saw a stronger recovery, including Dubai at 58%, Paris at 21%, London at 48%, Abu Dhabi at 35% and New York at 21%.

China presents the biggest wild card for the long term